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A home for

Recovered Memory Retractors

My Name is Laura Pasley and I am a retractor. I am also the author of a story called "Misplaced Trust"
I understand where you have been - I have been there. I also understand where you can be.

This is a place where we can all come and be encouraged. If you think you may have recovered memories that you now question, please do not feel alone. There are thousands of people just like you.

This will be a place we can all tell our stories, be understood and be linked with others who have been where we have been.

We also have access to professionals who have studied memory, the fallibility of it, and the effects of what toxic therapy can do to a person's life.

This is a place where adult children who may want to let their parents know they are okay or maybe want to reunite can come - via email and talk with those of us who had the courage to go home. If you want to call home, let us help.

If you are a retractor and want to be a part of this, please jump in. This can be our link to each other from across this nation. Let's do this together!

A family is a hard thing to lose.

Misplaced Trust

Email me at

Links to helpful information

Home Page of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation
Home of the British False Memory Society
by Mark Pendergrast, one of the most comprehensive books written on this issue

Dean Tong's Abuse-Excuse Page
Eric Krock's Stop Bad Therapy Page
this web page includes the video "Making Memories"

Manufacturing Victims by Dr. Tana Dineen
Dr. Dineen is a clinical psychologist with many years of experience who wants therapy patients to understand the deceptive practices of the psychotherapy industry. This book is a must read for anyone involved with this issue.

Dr Laura recommends reading Tana Dineen's book

Attorney Skip Simpson
Skip took my case before it was an international issue. He never treated me like a "mental patient."
It helped me to stop believing I was one.

Elizabeth Loftus
Dr. Beth Loftus is an acclaimed researcher in the field of memory and has a great deal of experience as an expert witness in trials which involve recovered abuse memories. Since our first conversation in 1992, she has been an inspiration to me and thousands of others.
The Myth of Repressed Memory
Witness for the Defense

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